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03 Sep Vape pod System means to me
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The meaning of Vape pod System to me is very important. Under such a difficult choice, I was thinking about it, and I couldn’t sleep well. In this way, the occurrence of Vape pod System, how exactly n..
09 Oct What does Vape atomizer RBA-RDA-RTA-RDTA mean?
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Scientists have discovered that the “flavors” in Vape contain toxins, even harmful substances not found in ordinary cigarettes. Scientists say that a large number of non-standard Vape poses unknown sm..
28 Sep Vape's effect on respiratory health
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A new paper published in “Expert Review of Respiratory Medicine” shows that Vape (EC) emits aerosols Vapacige that are safer than the smoke of combustible cigarettes, and relevant evidence is also inc..
27 Oct Timesvape Dreamer V1.5 Mech Mod Reviews
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Timesvape DREAMER Mech ModThe Dreamer Mechanical Mod is designed in the USA by Stan at TenaciousTXVapes, manufactured by Timesvape. The Dreamer Mech Mod is a hard hitting single tube mech which runs o..
21 Sep Is it feasible to increase cigarette prices and control tobacco?
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When housing prices rise, there will be many purchase restrictions and price-limiting policies to curb housing prices. So can we increase the retail price of cigarettes by controlling the smoking rate..
29 Sep What harm using Vape there?
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What are the hazards of smoking Vape? The hazard of Vape has always been a problem that people are very concerned about, because it is said that Vape can help quit smoking and can replace smoking, so ..
03 Sep New Blog Post
11 Sep Use vape people will increase the likelihood of smoking
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A new study in Australia says that among young people who have never smoked traditional cigarettes Thunderhead Creations, those who are smoking Vape are more likely to try traditional cigarettes. The ..
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